Dreams, Future and Decision

  • Dreams and future, for me those words are really hard to define. I don't know why I can't start a day without thinking these things. For some reasons, it's crazy to think something too deep until you vomit coz you can't stand with the pressure. Yes, dreams and future have pressed me hardly.
    I always afraid to face something worse in the future. I don't even want to take a step coz I don't want to take a risk. I'm not a risk taker! I'm brave, but I have a million reasons to think it over so I can minimize every risk that can happen in the future. I don't want to be so clumsy to decide something. Our decision now, will influence the future. Bad decision = A mess future. Decision is not a game, when you're failed, you have no replay button to be pressed.

    "Quick decisions are unsafe decisions"

    “Be willing to make decisions. That's the most important quality in a good leader.”
    General George S

    I have to be so much careful on what I take for my future. I'm too labile to choose, but I'm smart enough to decide. Wish me luck for everything, Wish me luck for my future.

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